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TAKE ACTION NOW to Secure our Transit Future

Cook County’s public transit system is the backbone of our region, but much of Chicagoland is left stranded in transit deserts between the lines. It’s time we fill in the gaps to reap the benefits of a more robust transit network, including cleaner air, new economic development, and fewer cars on our roads. Right now, we have a rare opportunity to get the Cook County Board to invest in our transit future, and we need your help to make it happen.

As you may have heard, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle has proposed a one-percentage point sales tax increase. This new revenue source, which would address Cook County’s underfunded pension, also opens the door for funding new public transit expansion in Cook County. By shoring up the past, we have the opportunity to invest in the future.

Tell your Cook County Commissioner to support funding public transit expansion.

The Cook County Board of Commissioners may be voting on the sales tax increase as early as Wednesday, July 15. If we don’t act together right now, we’ll miss a chance to invest in the transit network the Chicagoland of tomorrow deserves.

Together, we can shape the future of this great region.

Now Is the Time to Fund Cook County’s Transit Future

Quigley told us that President Obama wants a major infrastructure package before he leaves office and, if Cook County wants a slice of that federal funding, we need to be prepared and organized across levels of government with a dedicated revenue stream that we can use as a local match

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Fund Transit Too

As Cook County's Commissioners consider a one-percentage-point sales tax increase, the Center for Neighborhood Technology's Jacky Grimshaw has penned a letter to the editor in Crain's Chicago endorsing the proposal, but urging commissioners to fund transit too.

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Transit Future Speaker Series: Congressman Mike Quigley

A big thank you to Congressman Mike Quigley for joining us on June 18 in Chicago to give an inspiring talk on transit funding at the federal level!

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Transit Deserts in Cook County

The Chicago region's current hub-and-spoke transit system leaves nearly half a million Cook County residents stranded in transit deserts.

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Our Vision of a Transit Future

Transit Future's vision is a public transportation system that works for everyone.

Want to see what's possible? Check out our vision of a Transit Future.

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Transit Future Launches Bold Vision, Campaign to Fund Transit

Two leading, Chicago-based transit advocates announced a plan to secure Cook County’s largest investment in new public transit infrastructure since 1947.

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LA did it. So can we.

Move LA is quite the success story, signaling the emergence of a real transit network in Los Angeles that can help move the city away from its auto-dependent, traffic-riddled past. It's time to do the same in Cook County.

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Environmental Benefits of Public Transit

"Switching to public transportation is one of the most important actions we can take for reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Expanding public transit in Cook County will make it easier for people to adopt a low-carbon lifestyle."

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Transit Today: Can’t Get to Work

Job CentersFour of the region’s five top job centers — along the I-90 corridor (172,000 jobs) and in Lombard (32,000 jobs), ­­­­ Naperville (35,000 jobs) and Oak Brook (33,000 jobs) — are currently not well served by rapid transit. This means that for residents of neighborhoods with high concentrations of unemployment and poverty, most job centers are effectively unreachable, except for those with access to a vehicle. Yet cars are expensive.

Improving rapid transit connections to Cook County employment centers will reduce transportation costs for low- and moderate-income households, increase employment options for more people, and enhance regional sustainability.



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