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Transit Deserts in Cook County

The Chicago region's current hub-and-spoke transit system leaves nearly half a million Cook County residents stranded in transit deserts.

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Our Vision of a Transit Future

Transit Future's vision is a public transportation system that works for everyone.

Want to see what's possible? Check out our vision of a Transit Future.

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Transit Future Launches Bold Vision, Campaign to Fund Transit

Two leading, Chicago-based transit advocates announced a plan to secure Cook County’s largest investment in new public transit infrastructure since 1947.

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LA did it. So can we.

Move LA is quite the success story, signaling the emergence of a real transit network in Los Angeles that can help move the city away from its auto-dependent, traffic-riddled past. It's time to do the same in Cook County.

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Environmental Benefits of Public Transit

"Switching to public transportation is one of the most important actions we can take for reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Expanding public transit in Cook County will make it easier for people to adopt a low-carbon lifestyle."

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Transit Today: Can’t Get to Work

Job CentersFour of the region’s five top job centers — along the I-90 corridor (172,000 jobs) and in Lombard (32,000 jobs), ­­­­ Naperville (35,000 jobs) and Oak Brook (33,000 jobs) — are currently not well served by rapid transit. This means that for residents of neighborhoods with high concentrations of unemployment and poverty, most job centers are effectively unreachable, except for those with access to a vehicle. Yet cars are expensive.

Improving rapid transit connections to Cook County employment centers will reduce transportation costs for low- and moderate-income households, increase employment options for more people, and enhance regional sustainability.



Transit Today: Can’t Get There from Here

As good as our regional transit system is for some, for many Cook County residents, it’s simply impossible to connect to jobs or access other parts of the region via transit.

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Overwhelming Public Support for Transit Investment

Surveys show support for using public money to “create, expand and improve public transportation.” Nearly 90% agreed that public transportation improves access to jobs and close to 80% agreed that it “can help pave the way to a stronger economy.”

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